Travel Net

Our "Compact" travel Mosquito Nets have already proved their worth and are ideal when going on a trip: they are lightweight and can be folded up easily. They are suitable for double beds or single beds.

The "Compact" Travel Mosquito Net is also available impregnated with permethrin (insect repellent). We also provide clips to suspend the net from the ceiling which can be ordered below.

The 'IGLO' travel net is suitable for all travel purposes.

Travel Mosquito Net 'Compact'
Travel Mosquito Net 'Compact'

Travel Mosquito Net 'Compact'

Travel Mosquito Net 'Compact'


The 'Compact' travel mosquito net can be attached to one single point on the ceiling above the bed and is suitable for single and double beds. The standard light version of this travel mosquito net (compact 'light') has a large overlapping opening. The regular compact mosquito net has no opening, is made of stronger yarn and is also available as an impregnated version with permethrin (insect repellent).
1250 cm
Bamboo frame
60 cm


196 holes/inch2
Packing nylon bag  


€ 35 (regular)
€ 45 (impregnated)



Price: €19.00

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Mosquito Net 'IGLO'
Mosquito Net 'IGLO'

Mosquito Net 'IGLO'

Mosquito Net 'IGLO'


Great for travel purposes. This multi-use Mosquito Net IGLO does not need a hanging spot on the ceiling and can easily be put on a bed or even on stand on the floor. The mosquito net 'IGLO' can be constructed together with insertable tubes quickly and with ease in any situation. The IGLO is available in one (Single) and two persons (Double) models.

Model Length Width Height Weight
Single 210 cm 100 cm 100 cm
800 gr
€ 35
Double 210 cm 180 cm 180 cm
1150 gr
196 holes/inch2
Packing nylon bag (60cm long)  


Price: €35.00

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Mosquito Net Hanging Clip
Mosquito Net Hanging Clip

Mosquito Net Hanging Clip


Met deze klamboe ophangclip kunt u, indien gewenst, de klamboe direct, zonder haakje, aan het plafond bevestigen. Deze clip wordt dmv een kleefstrip aan het plafond geplakt. Deze clips zijn ook geschikt voor de lichte versies van de rechthoekige klamboe. Deze ophangclip kan een gewicht houden tot 1,5 kg

DE KLAMBOE OPHANGCLIP WORDT GRATIS VERSTUURD (de verzendkosten zullen niet worden meegerekend tijdens de bestelling)
6 cm
Max houdbaar gewicht
1500 gram
Verpakking een clip met komt met twee plakstrips
Price: €5.25

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