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Rectangular Net

Square or rectangular Mosquito Nets (box model) are available in 4 different sizes and in different materials: bamboo, cotton or polyester. There are several ways to hang your rectangular Mosquito Net from the ceiling. You can simply hang it over your bed with wire and hooks, by using the small rings at the top of the net. The rings on top of the Square nets can also be used through curtain rails on each side of your bed. Rectangular Mosquito Nets can also be used for 4-post beds. Square nets allow you to retain a lot of space inside.

Please Note! There are many attempts made to copy our Rectangular Mosquito Nets. These are made of a lesser quality thread fabric. Unfortunately this is not always noticeable when you order these Nets online. When you order your Mosquito Net from Klamboe Collection® we will guarantee that you will receive the original,strongly woven and well fabricated Mosquito Nets

Rectangular Mosquito Net Collection