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Klamboe Collection ® was founded in the early eighties and has since then become without any doubt the no 1 distributor of high-quality mosquitonets in many countries throughout the world. All mosquito nets are exclusively produced for Klamboe Collection ® in different countries. Most containers are shipped to the Netherlands from where the goods are re-exported to a wide range of customers, which include wholesalers and warehouses but also smaller outlets like bed-shops etc.

To get a clear idea about our nets, i.c. size, weight, quality, strength etc. please go to our
[KLAMBOE PRODUCTS ] where you will find a large selection of our mosquito net canopies.

For an up-to-date pricelist in USD, £ or any further information, please contact our office in Amsterdam.

Klamboe Collection ® Office
Keizersgracht 462
1017 GE Amsterdam

Tel: +31 20-6229492
Fax: +31 20-6206358

Klamboe Collection ® Showroom/Store
Weg over de Bisschop 1D
1934 CS Egmond a/d Hoef

Minimum order = 15 pcs which can be assorted as pleased. Payment and delivery conditions to be negotiated.

Edwin van Hellenberg Hubar



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