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Klamboe Collection ® appeared in the October issue of the New York Times Magazine in an article by Marianne Rohrlich. She writes about the delight of the idiosyncratic shops in Amsterdam.

Amsterdam is a mecca for tiny shops that sell just one thing, from toothbrushes to mosquito netting.

Klamboe Collection ® , a shop selling mosquito netting, was closed, so I spoke with the owner, Edwin van Hellenberg-Hubar, later by telephone. He and his wife, Saskia van Vollenhoven, have been in business for 23 years. "I'm definitely a specialist," he said. He became involved in this niche business, he explained, partly out of interest in the product and partly as a way to solve his own personal mosquito problem. "It's a gentle product," he said, explaining why mosquito nets are so often made in buddhist countries likeThailand, China and Vietnam. "Buddhists monks don't kill anything," he said, "not even mosquito's. Therefore thy need good protection against insects when they sleep."
His nets are of 100 percent polyester, which does not catch as much dust as cotton and is easier to see through. They come in turquoise and green, as well as the usual white. Some are made to hang from circular rods above a bed, and others are easy to travel with. Klamboe Collection ® , 232 Prinsengracht, +31(0)20-622-9492
TIP Take a mosquito net with you on your next vacation to the Tropics. These Mosquitonets are easily rolled up and take up very little space while travelling. Available as the "Travel Mosquitonet - Compact". Also impregnated with permethrine.
Here are some links that suggest taking a mosquito net with you when travelling.
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