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The Rectangular Mosquito Nets (box model) are available in 4 different sizes. The height (235cm) and length (210cm) are always the same, only the...... more info
The large circular Mosquito Net 'Classic' with a flat top has a circumference of 1400 cm and a height of 265 cm. It includes long pockets for...... more info
This large circular 'Classic Royale' Mosquito Net with a canopy at the top has a circumference of 1400 cm and the height is 265 cm. It is...... more info
Klamboe Collection ® was the first to develop mosquito nets made of 100% bamboo fiber. Bamboo fabric has many advantages: the material is very...... more info
The Mosquito Net Majestic combines the advantages of both round and rectangular nets: they need only to be attached to a single point above the bed...... more info
Our Travel Mosquito Net Compact has been around for many years. Because it is lightweight and small packaged, it is found ideal for traveling. It...... more info
With our Mosquito Hanging Clips you can easily attach a mosquito net onto the ceiling. This clip can be easily be mounted to the ceiling with two...... more info


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